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Private Equity in Kenya

In wealth creation there is various investment vehicles that one can choose to use to grow their money and secure their old age. Private equity happens to be one of the ways to … ...MORE

Combating Poverty

 I was brought up right in the periphery of a mushrooming slum (everyone was later evicted from the land early 2000) and I believe I had a first-hand experience in understanding … ...MORE

Defending the Shilling against Dollar?

Globalization and deregulation have gone hand in hand. Deregulation on a global perspective has put capital in a position that it can move around freely and therefore it will go to … ...MORE

Interest Rates

Monetary policies undertaken by central banks have three important objectives (as outlined by former Fed Chair Bernanke), achieving full employment(can be substituted with … ...MORE


'My investment advisor suggests 25% in equities, 25% in bonds and 50% under the mattress.'

Lesson 12: How bonds work

Bonds as Debt Whether we admit it or not, stocks, currencies and bonds are somehow interlinked. Of course when mentioning stocks, it is in reference to businesses. I have … ...MORE

Beat the Nairobi Stock Exchange today

Investing in REITs

REITS Before I begin, I would like to clarify that REITs are not exactly within my perimeter of understanding, but I have been continually engaging in research in this area in a … ...MORE

"I have complete confidence that the company will overcome its debt load."

Lesson 13: Investing in bonds

From the previous lesson, we learnt how bonds work and went through an illustration of how businesses issue bonds Possible to gaining from speculating on bonds? Yes, they can … ...MORE

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