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Money 101 – Lesson 3: Assessment

August 27, 2014 by in category Personal Finance tagged as

Having figured out where you would like to be and want to go, you now need to take a look at where you are. Some schools of thought advocate that you should start with assessing your current situation before setting goals. The problem with that is, for most people, their goals setting tends to get […]

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Weekly Markets Round Up (Local and Global markets)

August 24, 2014 by in category Technical analysis

GLOBAL MARKETS ROUND UP Oil Both crude and Brent oil have been consolidating at lower price levels past few days possibly unwinding net sell positions. The technical bit of it presents what Citi termed in a recent note “a probable fiscal stimulus/shot in the arm” for net oil importer countries around the world. On the […]

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Money 101 – Lesson 2: Goal Setting

August 24, 2014 by in category Personal Finance tagged as

One of the hardest things about “managing your finances” is actually getting started down the path. During high school and college, and even after college for most people, finances are mysterious and maddening. There is never enough money! One way to start down the path of control is to give yourself some sort of incentive […]

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Money 101- Lesson 1: Introduction to Personal Finance

August 21, 2014 by in category Personal Finance tagged as

a. What, exactly, is personal finance mangement? Personal finance management is the handling and control of your money. It is the taking into consideration your income, seeking to maximize that income and balancing its spread over lifestyle expenditure, saving, accumulation and investment. In simpler term, it’s about being able to make the money that you earn […]

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A case for buying USDYEN as a technical and Macro trade

August 20, 2014 by in category finance, investing, Technical analysis

A case for buying USDYEN as a technical and Macro trade Given that USDYEN managed to weather the geopolitical tensions while other assets were significantly affected could be indicative that once situation resumes normalcy, fundamentals could come back into play. The fundamental picture paints a very bearish picture for the yen especially against the dollar; […]

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Lessons from Soros role of stock price in Mergers & Acquisitions

August 19, 2014 by in category Technical analysis

  Soros is turning 84 now and being the most successful hedge fund manager and among top 25 richest people in the world, there are lessons we can pick from his vast experience in the financial markets. Analysts often disregard the importance of stock market prices of shares and the impact they can have on […]

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